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Choose the #1 Mattress Cleaning Service in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Cleaning your mattress leads to more comfortable sleep, reduces allergens and extends the lifespan of your mattress.
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Why is Mattress Cleaning Important?

Enhances the Appearance of the Mattress

A dirty mattress can become a breeding place for pests and rodents, who chew up corners of the bed or leave a foul odour and nasty brown stains over the mattress's body.

A clean mattress maintains its quality and beauty.
Extends life span

The build-up of dirt, dust, and sweat can reduce the quality of a good mattress, thereby ruining it quickly. 

Wagga Wagga, NSW Mattress Cleaning prolongs the life span of your mattress. If thoroughly cleaned, your mattress will last longer and see less wear and tear between the linings and the cover itself.
Improves Air Quality

Another benefit of getting your mattresses cleaned is to improve the air quality in the room. 

A soiled mattress can contaminate the air in such a room, thus making it stuffy with a foul odour. 

Over time, mattresses build up sweat, dust, dead skin, and oil.
Reduces the Risk of Allergies

The best way to rest after a tough day is to sleep. But irritants such as mites, bed bugs, microbes and fungi could pose a risk. 

Dust mites can trigger allergies and itching, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Our Mattress cleaners in Wagga Wagga help to eliminate harmful bacteria, from your bed, memory foam mattress and upholstery. whi
Improved Health

Sleep is the best medicine.

Our clients regularly comment that their sleep and overall health and mood was improved after their matresses were cleaned.

Our customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we make sure each bed is free from urine, microbes, bed bugs and allergens.

Top has full liability insurance for all Wagga Wagga mattress cleaning jobs.

Mattress Cleaning Services We Provide in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Mattress Steam Cleaning-  We use a steamer and place it two to three inches above the mattress. Then, make your move in long downward strokes. Steaming makes the mattress damp but not wet. Steam cleaning is used to reach the stains and specks of dirt that go beyond the mattress's top layer.
Mattress Dry Cleaning- Dry cleaning your mattress in Wagga Wagga helps you remove dust mite droppings, dead skin cells, and other contaminants from the mattress. A dry cleaning solution is also used to dissolve body oils. You can use homemade cleaning solutions such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar.
Mattress Stains Cleaning- We use various solutions to remove all manner of stains from the mattress. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are common solutions used in mattress stain cleaning.
Deluxe Mattress Cleaning - We offer professional cleaning services across New South Wales, as you may not be able to get rid of all the dust and stain particles on your mattress.
Mattress Mould Cleaning- Moulds are harmful fungi that thrive in damp areas. In most environments, the moulds grow and bloom overnight. To kill the moulds, isopropyl alcohol is there to ensure the mounds are removed. Direct sunshine can also help kill mildew on a bed.
Dust Mites Cleaning- Dust mites are household allergens mainly responsible for sneezing, coughing, stuffy nose, and asthma. Dust mites thrive in dark and moist areas. You can get rid of these dust mites by using hot water for washing.
Same-Day Mattress Cleaning- We can clean your mattress and dry it for use on the same day. All these depend on what you want and need. We are here to help. Hire Wagga Wagga's #1 Mattress Cleanering Experts today!


Among other cleaning services, Top offers maximum protection against dirt and pests from your mattress. There are other benefits you get from choosing us.

Safety & Security

Reliability is one of our watchwords. We are professionals who use safe cleaning methods to clean your Wagga Wagga mattress properly. You don’t need to worry about losing the quality or appearance of your mattress. Our goal is to ensure you have a clean and healthy mattress.

Guaranteed Result

Over the decades, there are details on how well we have worked. Our cleaning services offer a 6-month dust mite protection. This means you can enjoy over six months free of dust mites infestation, ensuring you have a sound sleep.


Our services are very affordable. All you have to do is get in touch with us so we can discuss how to give your mattress the best clean it needs. We will also get rid of those micro dirt particles you cannot see.

Cost & Prices of Wagga Wagga Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Service

Single Bed Price

Double Bed Price

🛏️ Cot Mattress $69 $89
🛏️ Single Mattress $89 $119
🛏️ King Single Mattress $109 $129
🛏️ Double Mattress $139 $169
🛏️ Queen Mattress $159 $189
🛏️ King Mattress $179 $219
🛏️ Super king Mattress $199 $269
🛡️ Top Mattress Shield included included
✨ 14-day Satisfaction Guarantee included included
All Mattress Cleaning Prices are a guide only and based in AUD. Pricing may vary based on the condition of your Mattress and the size of rooms and hallways.

Our Professional Mattress Cleaning Process at Top

Mattress Inspection - a technician is out to support the mattress of their choice and declare the treatments and the likely result with you.
Industrial Pre-Vacuuming - the mattress is vacuumed, and the technician sent will include all of the deep holds of the mattress surface.
Body Oil Removal - this practical step involves the application of solvent-based cleaning products.
Contamination Determination and Treatment - Urine confirmation is also tested on the mattress. If they are present, an enzyme-based Product will break the urines' older, causing Uric salts.
Anti-dusted treatment and sewed drying

Top-Shield To Protect Your Family in Wagga Wagga

We're excited to announce that, as of today, all Top mattress cleanings in Wagga Wagga include Top-Shield™ at no extra cost.

We have a special residually active sanitising ingredient called Top-Shield™ that actively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria as well as a wide range of germs and other microorganisms for up to 4 months.

We hope you take advantage of this new service and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your space is protected against harmful bacteria and other microbes.
Get To Know top-shield

Reviews and Testimonials

Elsa Paige
              Bespoke Service
The mattress cleaning team was very polite and their cleaning process of the Mattress stains was oustanding😊. 
Lyn Joffrey
       The Difference it made!
"I have never had my matress cleaned before and I was really amazed at how much of a difference it made! "
Philip Bieber
Will Use Again
"I couldn't be more pleased with the work done by Top. I'll definitely be using them again."

Diane Elsworth
Quality Service
"I was so impressed with the quality of the matress cleaning service I received from this company!"
Our Consumers Rating

Customer Ratings are based on 142 verified reviews. 

Mattress Cleaning FAQ's

Is Professional Mattress Cleaning Worth It?

Yes, professional mattress cleaning is worth it! They use a variety of tools to deodorise, sanitise, and deep clean your mattress, leaving it looking and feeling like new, adding more years to the lifespan of your bed.

How Do Wagga Wagga Professionals Clean A Mattress?

Getting your mattresses cleaned by a Wagga Wagga mattress cleaning expert means the following 4-step process is followed: 1. High-power vacuuming, 2. Stain removal, 3. Steam removal, 4. Final vacuuming and Air-drying

How Long Does Mattress Cleaning Process Take? 

How long does the mattress cleaning process take? It depends on the mattress's size, it can take up to 15-20 minutes for single beds and 30 minutes for double beds.

Where to get professional deep mattress cleaning service in Wagga Wagga?

If you're looking for a deep mattress cleaning service in Wagga Wagga, look no further than Mattress Cleaning Wagga Wagga. Our team of experienced and professional cleaners will leave your mattress looking and feeling like new.

Why choose a mattress cleaning expert for your mattress cleaning?

There are many reasons to choose Mattress Cleaning Wagga Wagga for your mattress cleaning needs. First, our experienced team will ensure your mattress is thoroughly cleaned, removing all dirt, dust, and stains. Second, we use the latest in mattress cleaning technology to ensure a deep clean that will leave your mattress looking and feeling like new. Third, our affordable rates make us the perfect choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

What should I do if my bed or couch is infested with bed bugs?

If you think you may have bed bugs, don't panic. Our team of experienced cleaners can help you get rid of them quickly and efficiently. We'll start by thoroughly inspecting your bed or couch to identify the problem areas. Then, we'll use our powerful vacuums to remove the bed bugs and their eggs. Finally, we'll treat your bed or couch with a special insecticide to prevent further infestation.

Can you remove allergy causing dust mites from the bed?

If you're looking for an affordable and professional solution to remove allergy-causing dust mites from your bed, look no further than Mattress Cleaning Wagga Wagga. Our team of experienced cleaners will use the latest in dust mite removal technology to make sure your bed is clean and allergen-free. Contact us today to learn more about our dust mite removal services.

Is It Okay To Steam Clean A Mattress?

Yes, it is. Mattresses can become stained and dirty from sweat, dirt, and spills over time. Steam cleaning can help to eliminate dust, bacteria, and other contaminants and can also help to freshen up the mattress.

How Often Should You Have Your Mattress Professionally Cleaned?

It would help if you had your mattress professionally cleaned every six months to a year. This will help to keep it free of dust, dirt, and other allergens that can cause problems for people with allergies or asthma. Flipping a mattress will not be enough to keep it clean and free of dust mites and other bugs that can live deep within it.

Is It Okay To Deep Clean Mattresses?

Yes, if you’re dealing with pet accidents, period stains, flu catastrophes, or other types of intense messes, deep cleaning your mattress is totally fine. You’ll just want to make sure you use an enzymatic cleaner, which will break down the organic matter that’s causing the stains and odors.

What Areas Do You serve for Mattress Cleaning in New South Wales?

We server these locations : Ashmont / Flowerdale,Bomen,Boorooma,Bourkelands / Hilltop,Cartwrights Hill,Central Wagga Wagga,Estella,Forest Hill,Glenfield Park,Gumly Gumly and All of the other Suburbs as well. 
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